Women Corner

Inheritance Rights

Steps for Protection of Inheritance Rights of Women in Punjab - Definite Share of Women in Inheritance

  • To ensure the share of women in inheritance, distribution of property has been held mandatory after sanctioning mutation of inheritance 
  • It is mandatory to produce the NIC and Form B of the deceased and all his legal heirs including women, before the revenue officer for the transfer of property. 
  • In case the legal heirs do not reach upon a consensus in 30 days, the concerned revenue officer will himself conduct partition of property among legal heirs according to law. 
  • It is mandatory for the revenue officer to decide the matter of inheritance within 6 months.
  • The registration fee of mutation with respect to transfer of inherited property of women has been abolished. 
  • District Enformence of Inheritance Rights Committee has been established in every district to address and redress the grievance. 
  • Revenue staff is liable to be punished for negligence.
  • Legal heirs can approach the concerned District Collector/DCO in case of complaint.

Under-age & Forced Marriages

  • Under-age & Forced Marriage is a Crime
  • Any person marrying a girl of less than 16 years of age and the person conducting such marriage, including the Nikkah Solemnizer and Nikkah Registrar shall be liable for imprisonment upto 6 months and fine Rs: 50,000/-.
  • Customs like Wanni and marriage in lieu of compromise, or marriage with the Holy Quran are illegal, liable for imprisonment for 3 to 7 years and fine of Rs: 500,000/- [S.310-A, 498-C Pakistan Penal Code]
  • A person forcibly marrying a girl against her will is liable to be punished with imprisonment for 3 to 7 years and a fine of Rs: 500,000/- [S.498-B Pakistan Penal Code]
  • Complaint regarding underage marriage can be registered with Police/Union Council/Judicial Magistrate. 

More than one Marriage

  • Rights of women regarding more than one marriage are as follows:
  • Any person who enters into second marriage without permission of his first wife or arbitration council is liable to imprisonment for upto one year and fine upto PKR 500,000/- [6(5)]
  • A wife can consult the union council to demand her maintenance and that of her children from the husband. [9(A-1)]

Nikkah Nama

Following rights are given to women in relation to Nikkah:

  • It is obligatory for the Nikkah khawan/Registrar to read out to the groom and bride all the columns of Nikkah Nama and fill them according to their answers, violation whereof is liable to punishment of imprisonment for one month and fine PKR 25000/- [S.5(2A)]
  • It is incumbent upon the Nikkah khawan and the person conducting marriage to have the nikkah registered, violation whereof is liable to punishment of imprisonment for three months and fine PKR 100,000/- [S.5(4)]

Laws for Women Protection

  • The Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2010 for prevention and protection of women against harassment at the workplace.
  • The Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Act, 2011 (Called Criminal Law (Second) Amendment Act, 2011) for prevention of acid crimes and strict punishments
  • Prevention of Anti-Women Practices Act, 2011 (Criminal Law (Third Amendment) Act, 2011) for prevention of customary practices such as giving a female in marriage or otherwise in badla-e sulh, wanni or swara, depriving women from inheriting property, forced marriages and marriage of females with the Holy Quran.
  • Protection of Women (Criminal Laws Amendment) Act, 2006 makes rape a criminal offence punishable with death or imprisonment for not less than ten years.

General Safety Tips

Given below are some measures to be followed by ladies for their safety:

  • Keep the least amount of money while shopping. Use plastic money (Debit/Credit card) as much as possible
  • Wear the least amount of jewlellery while shopping
  • Always hang your purse through neck at front
  • Keep the vehicle doors locked while driving
  • Take necessary precautions while withdrawing huge amount from bank
  • Do not accept edibles from strangers, and also train the children about it
  • Do not allow the strangers to enter home without identification
  • Make sure that NIC of your servant is attested by NADRA. Do not employ servants without identification
  • Do not leave small kids alone in the custody of single male/female servants
  • Train the kids to keep distance from strangers