Establishment of Central 15

In order to ensure the quickest response of District Police Toba Tek Singh to crime and effective crime prevention through meaningful police patrolling, a Central 15 Control Centre, equipped with cutting edge technology and police mobile vehicles’ tracking system, has been established at the District Police Offices Complex Toba Tek Singh. For this project Mr. Amjad Ahmed ASP/SDPO Sadar T.T. Singh was appointed as focal person whereas Mr. Muhammad Shehbaz SI/PSO to DPO T.T. Singh was made coordinating officer.

Before the start of this project a diagnosis was carried out to understand why most of crime incidences occurred within the District are not reported to 15 Control T.T. Singh. Diagnosis revealed that in District T.T. Singh, facility of dialing/connecting 15 from Mobilink, Warid, Telenor and Ufone numbers was not available and calls of 15 dialed from Zong numbers were connected to 15 Controls of adjoining districts.  For this letters were written to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and all mobile phone service providers, and now the facility of dialing 15 calls from mobile phones has been made available to the public of T.T. Singh. Total cost incurred on establishment of Central 15 Control including development of infrastructure, purchase of phone line card, computers, LCDs, cabling, UPS and software was about Rs. 160,000/-

Police Vehicle Tracking System

Moreover, it is also realized that traditional method of supervising police patrolling through physical checking of vehicles on spot is not very effective in ensuring meaningful police patrolling as it entails lot of time and fuel consumption. Moreover, for a senior police officer it is almost impossible to physically check every police vehicle, which encourages the police patrolling officers to transmit bogus positions to control. For this idea of installing trackers in police vehicles has been realized and trackers have been fitted in 33 police mobiles of District Police Toba Tek Singh.

This project has been entirely financed by District Police out of its own resources. Total cost incurred on the project is Rs. 341,250/- out of which Rs. 337,500/- are paid for the purchase of tracker units and Rs. 3750/- as the per month fees of sims used in trackers. After negotiations the tracking company has through a written agreement agreed to waive the monthly fees and installment charges for installing trackers in police vehicles. The tracking company has also agreed to provide complementary after sales services (repair etc.) for the trackers fitted police vehicles. Now the District Police has been paying only Rs.150 per month/vehicle for availing tracking facility.

As conceived, the establishment of Central 15 Control and mobile tracking system has greatly improved the standard of services delivered to the public by District police T.T. Singh. It is assured that in future the quality of various police services rendered to general public will be improved upon further.

Establishment of District Command & Control Room

In order to provide a better working environment for police officials in I.T concerns, a District Command & Control Room, equipped with cutting edge technology, has been established at District Police Offices Complex Toba Tek Singh. This control room has been designed to achieve operational efficiency, response time and enhanced performance. The services integrated in DCCR includes Digital Rescue15 Call Center & GPS-Satellite based Vehicle Tracking System, Citizen Feedback Cell, Mobile Data Analysis Lab, Central Biometric Attendance System, District Wireless Control, PROMIS( Police Record & Office Management Information System) and Monitoring of Model Police Stations Through CCTV Cameras. In near future, PAFIS (Pakistan Automated Finger Print Identification System) will also be installed in the Control Room.

The equipments installed in control room consists of 9 PCs, PROMIS Clients, Printer, Scanner, FAX Machine, Photocopier, Rack mount for VTS, 2 Server Rack, UPS, 7 LCD TVs, Split ACs and furniture as per requirement and specification. Moreover, a dedicated Fiber optic connection has also been installed for smooth monitoring of Model Police Stations through CCTV Cameras.

Total cost incurred so far on the establishment of DCCR is about 1 million rupees


An effective Central Rescue 15 system has been established and now, is operational in District Toba Tek Singh which is providing following services:

  • 24 hours emergency help line
  • Tracking of Police vehicles of the whole district
  • Centralized & computerized incoming calls managing system

Rescue-15 Police Toba Tek Singh has introduced an effective and quick response system for the public to seek police help in emergencies. We are introducing central,  Computerized call recording, prank calls blocking facilities first time in Punjab Province.

In this system, especially designed software for Emergency Service Centre, supported by latest gadgetry has been procured so that the calls received at the Control Room can be properly handled and recorded to improve the standard of services. Salient features of the software designed to handle the traffic of 15 calls are as follows;

  •   Recording of all 15 calls. Recording of every call is saved for 09 months
  •   Facility of live listening of 15 calls by seniors police officers anywhere in Pakistan
  •   Every 15 call which goes unattended by the operator is flashed on the screen and the caller is called back by the 15 control as soon as any operator becomes free
  •   Traffic management of 15 calls through line card fitted in computer. Through this it is ensured that no 15 call goes unattended
  •   Blocking of unwanted/irritant calls through third party for 30 days

Police Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle tracking devices has been installed in the police vehicles of whole district for their 24 hour surveillance and monitoring which has been resulted in improved presence of Police vehicles on the main roads and effective patrolling.

For this purpose, latest designed software with modern technologies is being used.

Additional benefits reaped by the District police T.T. Singh by installing trackers in police mobiles are as follows;

  • Surveillance of every police mobile round the clock
  • Effective supervision of police patrolling by senior police officer, as the location of every police mobile can be seen on Google earth map from any computer provided with user name and password
  • Track/Patrolling history of police mobiles saved for 60 days
  • Effective patrolling of police mobiles in existing and potential crime pockets
  • Availability of feeding any alert regarding police patrolling mobiles. For Example an alert can be fed that any police mobile which stays at one location for more than 30 minutes automatically turn red on map and an alert flashes on the screen of operator
  • In case of any crime, directives are issued by the operator at 15 control room to the patrolling police mobiles that are nearest to the crime scene to reach the spot. Constant guidance is also provided to the mobile officers accordingly
  • Exact calculation of kilometers travelled by the vehicle against the fuel it consumed on daily, weekly and monthly basis